Countering the CounterPiracy Password Dialog Box

If you are getting a password dialog box similar to the following it means your system is requesting an image on my server from a restricted area where you do not have permission to link.

To make it go away, you must remove the offending link(s) from the web page or other media that is causing the problem. The offending content is not on my server or under my control so you must fix it on your end. If you can't figure it out, just contact me and I'll help you out. Be sure to include the address of the affected web page or a sample of the affected email content.

Somewhere in your code there will be one or more image tags with a src= attribute starting with

such as:

<img src="">

If you just remove ALL such references to my server's cgibin directory the dialog box will go away.

This is not to keep you from using my graphics. It is to keep you from using my server.

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